Getting Your HRMS Services Instantaneously

Get assured for easy management over employee’s data and processes. Manage all of the employee details with the payroll system with just one tool. Yes, HR2eazy is integrated with HRMS and Payroll System that can manage all of the services at the same time. This system of services can handle the entire business.

HR2eazy can merge businesses and combine a set of required HRMS functionalities that is essential for Human Resource functions. It makes sure that Human Resource Processes are administrative and easy to access. A solitary, lively, steadfast system common for all organizations. Though Organization might have formalized, evaluated and processed payroll system, HR2eazy is also capable of performing the same way. As HR2eazy is capable of tracking employees information which includes the history, skills, and abilities along with their accomplishments and salary details.

This can reduce workload which turns out to be automated along with specialized features for Human Resource activities.

Outline on HR2eazy Services:

  • User Profiles
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • KPI
  • Recruitments
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Management Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Payroll System
  • Petty Cash Management
  • KWSP/LHDN/SOCSO Forms & Submission
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Instant Mobile App (Android / iOS)
  • Kiosk – To verify Status of Employees

Making It Simpler:

Now get smarter than before, take your employee to a word class experience and make them access their own payroll system through their smartphones. Now, HR2eazy is available in mobile applications. At the same time, it becomes a better experience to manage their employees through the mobile app that an employee can interact with their superior or the management and make sure that the processes are executed properly from anywhere.

HR2eazy Mobile App Offers the Following:

  • Apply Permission
  • Apply Extra Time / Overtime
  • Apply Leave
  • Apply for Cancel Leave
  • Apply Claims
  • Apply Time Sheet
  • Download & View Payslip
  • View Public Holidays
  • View Company Events
  • View Transactions
  • Perform Approval

Kiosk – To verify Status of Employees:

An interactive Device which provides instant access to solve employee issues with self-service tools. HRMS kiosk provides information on vacation days, sick leave and Pension information.

  • Login
  • My Dashboard
  • My leave
  • Apply Leave
  • Cancel leave
  • Permission
  • My Timesheet
  • Public holidays
  • My Pay Slips
  • Company Events
  • My Transactions
  • Claims
  • My Profile
  • My Documents
  • About
  • Help
  • Logout

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