Dynamic Services

Working with CRM Dynamic Services on Microsoft SharePoint Platform:

The Customer relationship management is to handle with the company management and potential future customers. The process of CRM involves with analysis of customer history, improving business relationship with the customer and focus on developing sales growth. Now let us have a look at the requirements and how to work with CRM.

Operating System on which it supports:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Update on Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

The self-healing setup that ensures you with the updated version of your setup. You can make use of the feature to setup and update your program. Before Proceeding make sure with the following,

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics Reporting Extension
  • Microsoft Dynamics Report Authoring Extension
  • Microsoft Dynamic Email Router

You can retrieve your updates for your service from Get Updates for Microsoft Dynamic CRM. Your update will have the recently updated package on your setup.

Requirements for Update:

Before you could proceed with the update you require some important components, like Microsoft .NET Framework. You can refer the Microsoft KB article to know more on the requirements for an update. That could help you further before you update your Dynamic CRM.

Know Dynamic 365?

Dynamic 365 merge CRM and the ERP capable into application that works spontaneously together in sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials and project service automation. It is not necessarily you should work with all of these and get all of the services. You can make use of any of these according to your company requirement.

To get relevant updates on current editions you need to download the service pack for Microsoft Dynamic 365. You can preferably make use of the Dynamics 365 service to know what’s new with Microsoft Dynamic CRM. It is expected to have an update on CRM services this year which could probably lead and satisfy customer relationships.


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