SharePoint Services

Now Get Updated With Projects Online And Work Up To 30,000 Projects:

The additional features which were introduced in the last six months were to meet the customer’s imperative needs. To your notice, the number of projects that can be handled after the update is increased to 30000. Which is really interesting. This is possible with Project online, which is a Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management Solution.

Handle Extra Projects, Get Them Accomplished:

What if your project handling capacity has increased six-folds? Initially, it was provided with only 5000 projects. This increase in the number of projects can be managed on a cloud. As users demanded on a large scale through project online, it was improved as per the demand and the improvement would have highly benefited without even disturbing the normal workarounds.

The updates so far have really improved the performances and help in retrieving project reports faster than before. This capacity has made to create more project sites which are also called the collaboration of sites. The project sites were around 2000, and to improve them you had to split them through Project Web App. This affects the productivity or the results. On the other hand User Sync and SharePoint Services can be supported only when the project site is in the same site like the PWA site.

Get Faster Approach On Project Data Center:

The More Project the more spent on data. The often hit to the Project center is calculated for total information like the overall cost of all projects. This slows down the time to revert the page. Hence, custom filtering feature was introduced to filter and to help you quickly to drag information at the right time.

Later the OData was released for enhancing performances and to reduce the transmission time to access reports. This would be helpful by using the SQL Server Integration Services to transfer data to the warehouse. You can download the data and update regularly by changing the records.

The Project team is completely focused on improving the services with innovation and user requirements. To know more about the services you can visit


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