Benefits of System Integration Services

Benefits of System Integration Services

System Integration is the foremost factor to enable consistent productivity in most of the business organizations around the globe. Several growth initiatives and plans designed for achieving business targets need the complete support of system integration.

System integration is mandatory to help your organization reach higher standards. It ensures the performance and reliability of back-end systems as well as optimize technology infrastructure for important security solutions.


Even there were a lot of challenges for many large organizations in terms of new technologies and multiple stakeholder user requirements. It also includes the value that a truly capable systems integration firm can bring to the table.

Consolidated Benefits of System Integration services

By engaging the services of a qualified integrated security systems provider, there are several key benefits that forward-thinking organizations could achieve.

For both private and public-facing enterprises, it is not necessary to indicate the fact that technology performance will be of high priority

At the highest possible levels, critical technologies and systems would perform in order to enable the organization’s targeted thresholds.

To derive maximum performance and value from the technology investments, most of the leading integrated security systems providers have a track record of optimizing technology performance to improve the standard of firms.

For critically acclaimed enterprise technologies, reliability plays a significant role where failure simply is not an option and the complete knowledge is derived from the technology and infrastructure that will perform flawlessly and reliably.

In order to ensure dependability as well as a range of support services designed to quickly resolve issues or complications, world-class systems integrators deliver integrated security systems solutions.

Out of the noted benefits, operational efficiency with improved business outcomes should be the driving force for majority of the enterprise technology.

Insight for users

You need to know that your provider will be able to improve efficiency by leveraging integration strategies that are tailored to your unique operating environment when partnering with a security integrator.

System Integration is not an option but a necessity

Business owners should understand that the expertise in integrated security systems is certainly a necessity to run the business in a hassle-free business environment.

Choosing the service provider decided your fortune!

You cannot be rest assured of all the system integration service providers for the integrity could not be guaranteed in the long run.  Therefore, system integration service providers with the most experienced and advanced resources should be identified. Click on to know more about System Integration Service.



Benefits of SAP HANA Cloud Computing

Benefits of SAP HANA Cloud Computing

Have you ever thought about an alternative method for application operations that can be really effective? The process of leasing applications has been defined to be the best way instead or running applications on an external server.

Eventually, the rapid growth of the cloud platform opened-up a vast space for customer satisfaction.

Most of the leading business firms figured out a way to operate their own data center utilizing the flourishing cloud computing platform.

Therefore the business owners maintaining multiple branches fathomed the significance of data operations handling by the implementation of cloud computing.

Contribution of Cloud platform

Since the evolution of cloud computing platform, there have been tremendous improvements in the hardware and software sectors.

Several senior business professionals have been quoted saying,” What appeared to be an untouchable galaxy during the beginning of industrialized age is now real and unbelievably strong enough to serve the business purposes”.

After electricity became a commodity, the newly created utility companies delivered the required electricity reliably and more efficiently at an affordable cost.

As opposed to the policies of some companies that do not have potential resources to support cloud platform, firms with well-equipped Cloud computing service providers can be of great challenge to the modern data development techniques.

With the advice of expert service providers, the high-quality data centers are preserved in a secure environment which remains to be a tough task for many companies today.

Significant points to adopt cloud-computing

The customers are always in search of a better product that can help navigate to the higher standard of business development. Here are the most important factors to adopt cloud-based computing,

  • Considering the hardware and software operations including the maintenance are the provider’s responsibility, IT efforts are curbed to a large scale.
  • In addition to providing fast access to key functionalities, the time required for implementation processes is also reduced.
  • The supporting growth and changing business needs are provided with better scalability and performance
  • Facilities such as flexibility for licensing contracts and “pay-what-you-use” concepts help improvise the efficiency of cloud computing.

sap hana - ISCISTECH

Successful collaboration tools

SAP HANA consists of collaboration tools such as Public-cloud, Private-cloud, and Marketplace for applications, enterprise cloud and extending innovations for customers respectively.

Not only the basic data storage facilities but a wide range of IT services ranging from computing power and storage space all the way to complete applications is provided at better quality and for less money to potential customers by SAP HANA Cloud Computing.


Upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 or SharePoint 2016

Upgrade from SharePoint 2010 to 2013 or SharePoint 2016

We get attached to the technology on a day-to-day basis where upgrading sneaks into the picture quite often.  Of course, living at the moment creates a distinctive vibe. The digital era of SharePoint made the users upgrade to higher versions.

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Successive Upgrading is only possible!

If you are into SharePoint 2010, the immediate possibility is migrating to SharePoint 2013. Only then, you could upgrade to SharePoint 2016.

SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2013 migration

All of your SharePoint 2010 servers should be installed with the necessary farm solutions for the purpose of acquiring a clear idea about the actual migration.

You will have to check some of the functionalities such as,

  • Is there any individual plan for existing third party or custom package? If so, should it be imported to SharePoint 2013 or could work without any modifications
  • In the case of failing to check the above functionalities, there is a possibility of upgrading issues that can cause potential issues.

An inventory of site collections and website usage is needed for each of these added solutions which could save additional effort though time-consuming.

Eventually, you will have to hook it to an existing web application when migrating a SharePoint 2010 content database to upgrade to SharePoint 2013.

However, most of the time your DB to migrate will include a root site such as situated at the path “/” on that web application.

It is important to create a fresh web application provided the prototype of authentication creates in SharePoint 2010.

If you didn’t upgrade from Claims to Classic in SharePoint 2010, you now need PowerShell to create a Classic mode web application in SharePoint 2013, as they are considered obsolete.

After the process of testing and migrating the database, you will have to mount your database which shall be followed by successful migration from SharePoint 2010 to SharePoint 2016.

SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016

Alright! You’ve successfully migrated from SharePoint 2010 to 2013, now it becomes absolutely easy to migrate to SharePoint 2016.

In order to upgrade from SharePoint 2013 to SharePoint 2016, you just have to use the “in place upgrade”, and perform a “database attach” method.

The epitome of a complex-free process.

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  • Create and configure a SharePoint server 2016 farm
  • Retrieve the service application database from 2013 farm
  • Finally, copy the content, attach and upgrade the database.

Efficacy of SharePoint migration

Based on the legal audit implications of your company, you could take advantage of the new cloud features in 2016 such as using OneDrive for Business in the cloud.

It has to be mentioned that 10 GB is the new soft limit for file sizes in SharePoint 2016. SharePoint experts would always suggest the migration of advanced SharePoint versions such as SharePoint 2016 for its impeccable performance within a short span of time.

Overview of Business Process Reengineering

Overview of Business Process Reengineering

Sometimes it becomes really hard to handle tough conditions to serve the fundamental purpose of investigation and revelation associated with various business processes. Have you ever wondered about the reason for not being able to create novel approaches?  The testing mechanisms involved would be in a situation that improves the standard of organization administration.

Reasons to Reengineer

There might be several reasons for re-engineering business process and the most important thing amongst it is the operational gap created even after getting refined outcomes.

Yes, you guessed it right. A majority of the firms involved in business processes re-engineering for the assortment of business reasons. The following factors play a major role drawing inspirations for organizations to deploy Business Process Reengineering (BPR)

  • Optimizing the standard of an organization (In terms of product and brand)
  • Reducing the costs to suit the client requirements
  • Enhancing the overall outlook of a firm

Companies that are looking for constant development and working towards it achieving considerable growth in regular intervals embrace BPR to the core. It serves as a guide to developing firms achieve greater heights.

Methods to implement Business Process Reengineering

The association of BPR with the client analyses the Buy-In factors before delivering the best results obtained out of re-engineering business processes.

The radical restructuration of a company is done by shaping-up the ground-up design of business processes by the Business Process Reengineering.

Business processes are nothing but the set of a logically designed task performed in order to achieve the desired business outcome.

Five major roles

Being a dramatic change initiative of an organization, Business Process Reengineering turns serves the following five important responsibilities

Business Process Rengineering - ISCISTECH Business Solutions

  • With respect to the customer needs, the values of a company should be reanalyzed and refocused
  • The usage of information technology platform has created a huge platform for BPR for redesigning the core processes with an intention to boost the improvements
  • Enabling an end-to-end responsibility, the responsibilities of cross-functional teams will be recognized to suit the business processes
  • A detailed reanalysis will be carried out in order to restructure the basic organizational functions and people issues
  • Depending upon the standard of a workforce of an organization, the business processes will be improved.

On the whole, the effectiveness of Business Process Engineering is felt when it increases the productivity of the key aspects related to customer satisfaction and therefore increasing the quality at a reduced cost and quick interval of time.


The Capabilities of Business Intelligence in SharePoint

Aren’t strategies crucial deciding factors for a business? We need to understand the purpose of a strategy to regulate the system used to run a business. There are certain metrics associated with Business Intelligence (BI) which can be used for analysis.

Capabilities of Business Intelligence in SharePoint

Such metrics are obtained by Key Performance Indicator (KPI) that consists of ratio measuring the sales in a region and the volume of resource usage for a certain period of time. It is an action of projecting the present scenario which would be helpful for the business growth in the future.  Business intelligence supports these processes by providing powerful and efficient data visualization

BI simplifies SharePoint

Upon transforming data into a human-readable format and providing a platform to manage the converted data, BI caters a set of tools that makes SharePoint simplified. The tools provided help different sectors including individuals, enterprises and teams to explore the latest information on

BI Simplifies SharePoint - ISCISTECH

  • Decision Making Skills
  • Analytical process
  • Techniques used for successful collaboration
  • Diverse actions employed

BI’s bond with SharePoint

Well, it is really a great mutual coexistence between BI and SharePoint! SharePoint actually provides a deep insight into data through the BI tools. The integration of BI tools with SharePoint generates good business productivity by including features such as search management, content management and collaboration.

Microsoft grants Privilege to Users.

The privilege to access Business Intelligence data by the support of a popular interface is given by Microsoft’s SharePoint. It is more like the operations that the users would do while working with tools like Excel and Visio.

Involvement of SharePoint in the BI realm

In order to surface Business Intelligence data, SharePoint could be clubbed with SQL server reporting and BI tools. The data infrastructure is provided by back-end system such as SQL server reporting services. Despite making the data secured, it also ensures the trust of authors and business users.

Tools to create BI access

There are a certain set of tools that allows the users to create Business Intelligence assists in order to optimize the capabilities of BI in SharePoint. Here are some of such tools,

  • Excel
  • Visio
  • Report Builder
  • PerformancePoint Dashboard
  • Power Pivot

Advanced Capabilities

Undoubtedly, the availability of Microsoft BI tools provides comprehensive office applications and various other Microsoft technologies.

Functions such as reporting, dashboards, visualizations, and analysis fetch maximum efficiency out of BI in SharePoint.

Visit to get more insight on the capabilities of BI in SharePoint

Importance of Dynamic Service

It is high time to turn our attention towards Dynamics business management techniques that some of the top level organizations have been implementing in different departments. Dynamic Services helps firms to achieve quick and greater business productivity.


Superfast tools          

The tools available in Microsoft customer relationship management are pretty fast enabling faster communication between the peers.

The operations prove to be extremely useful for data specific organizations including mainstream marketing agencies. With its novel functionalities, it can able to derive new dimensions that would increase the opportunities and client base.

Gripping Cloud Services

The Microsoft cloud services are optimized to satisfy the partners with high-level integrations. Users can avail a huge space for a large scale storage. The facility of content management has opened up with the advanced mechanisms provided by Microsoft cloud services.

Partners Strength

Are you aware of the number of partners associated with Microsoft? There are thousands of partners serving at Microsoft for the purpose of providing quality business services. You could choose your desired dynamic service partner after a serious consultation.

Excelling features

Also known as ERP Software package, the Microsoft Dynamics GP renders a number of services facilitating the root of the development of an organization. It is very important to analyze the purpose of ERP Software for it carries the strength of a firm more than accounting software.

The Enterprise Resource Planning is said to be complete only upon the availability of comprehensive dynamic services. Here are few

  • Finance Management
  • Sales and Marketing Services
  • Service Management
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Purchase and Project Management
  • Manufacturing Processes
  • Cash flow Management
  • Human Resource Management

Service actions

The working of dynamic services is really complex free as it is designed in a step by step hassle free procedure. The deployment and implementation of the services will be preceded by installation/configuration process. The idea is to set-up a simple yet optimized way to manage the resources.

The services are equipped with upgraded versions where the users can take advantage of the most recent features. Users can also make use of the customization features in order to suit the requirements of their respective organizations.

Additional service actions include support and maintenance along with the effective user interaction and end to end support.

Take a look at the detailed information on Dynamic Services

Importance of SharePoint Services

Importance of SharePoint Services

Of late the techniques to manage a huge volume of content has become very crucial. Have you ever felt the necessity of control over such huge task? It was not late but sooner the evolution of SharePoint Services has gained the superior interest among the investors.

We are in the modern era where Surveys decide the fate of emerging technologies. In fact, it is the revelation of user experience. If you roll out a survey, there is absolutely no doubt that MicroSoft’s SharePoint Services is the leading product used by several organizations.

SharePoint Services

Demand is the King!

One could ask, what decides the ratio of SharePoint Services used by most of the firms? There are a lot of business class collaborations requiring a great scale of SharePoint Services.

Eventually, the demand has increased over the period of time. Be it a small firm or a large one, the demand remains same with respect to the corresponding budget or investment.

Need for Investment

Anything that is not worthy should not be encouraged, especially in the business point of view. Of course. Who can deny this fact?

The capability of SharePoint Services can be measured in different aspects including the value driven policies. In addition to delivering world class business solutions, SharePoint Services also engage in extracting maximum potential out of a business firm.

Yet another solid rationale qualifying SharePoint Services is its phenomenal content management skills which can also be used by people who are not directly involved in technical departments.

Features like large scale knowledge management, automation in business management and distinctive social collaborations elevate the standard of SharePoint Services.

An effective utilization of Microsoft’s SharePoint Services generates good Return on Investment (ROI) by fulfilling the stated objectives through proper implementation by experts.

SharePoint Packages: Here it is!

How many SharePoint Services have you gone through? It is not about the number but the completeness. Some of the SharePoint rendering services include

  • Business Process Automation
  • SharePoint Branding and Accounting
  • SharePoint integrations
  • SharePoint Migrations
  • SharePoint Branding and Customization
  • Enterprise content management etc.

Role of resources

How much importance do you feel should be given to resources? SharePoint Services contain expert resources that can be obtained upon demand.

Business experts would be very aware of hiring resources despite having numerous automation technologies. The level of expertise is the source. People with refined knowledge will be able to streamline the objective of a firm without compromising on quality.

Get to know more about SharePoint Services here

SharePoint Migration Influencing your Organization

SharePoint Migration delivers a chance to reframe your content to handle a better management and discoverability. There is always burden to implement migrations swiftly which risks potential feature and configuration discomfort between the source and the destination system.

Overview on Current Scenario:

SharePoint Migration need to measure the travel distance between today’s existence and the next migration in accordance with SharePoint. These discourses and revelation will allow the group to implement proposals for authorizing, equipping and data engineering.

ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS could help to review the substance and sketch what ought to relocate the abandoned. Recollect that you have received in return what to put up, without convincing the motivation to do excellent work on the substance that is no longer passing on a stimulus to your affiliation.

Execution of Migration Plan:

Once after analysis of the entire organization and now proceed with master planning, testing and redemption of SharePoint Migration Project plan. This should be able to make changes to the organization before the really troublesome work begins.

After the association is very much aware that a major changes is travelled the direction and relocation windows is towards us. With some of the basic activity in progress, correspondence is made the basic need to achievement.

Thoughts over SharePoint Migration:

With a chance that one could settle about the SharePoint Migration, some unique thought should be made. In order to initialize, understand the exchange off and detention of the structure is important to maintain the strategic distance from the “Consumers regret”. Secondary point is that one need to consider before any customizations made to the current premises.

 Why is it necessary for a SharePoint Migration?

  • There are different necessity to consider before moving in to an up to date form of SharePoint.
  • The client could clash with few elements that accompany for an update.
  • Current form could drop out of Microsoft’s Support cycle.
  • Maybe you’ve acquired an association or been obtained and now it’s an incredible chance to join the two conditions.
  • Your current condition may have been set up as a proof of thought, and you have to migrate to a certified creation condition.

With all of these strategies and analysis over SharePoint migration for your organization, you could proceed with the process of migration. For more analysis and strategic verification over the migration process you could visit A better understanding and analysis could be observed on the website.

Customer Relationship Management with ISCISTECH:

Microsoft Dynamic CRM, the important business apparatus that influence the customer relationship to the next level despite of information oriented organization’s sales, marketing and service departments.

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamic CRM, the organization pulls out the exact conclusion in admiring the new views on drawing the new perspective with the Dynamic marketing operations. Improving sales on focusing the right opportunity along with the services that fulfills the client requirements.

The following services are rendered at ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLTUIONS:

  • Installation & Configuration
  • Deployment & Implementation
  • Customization
  • Upgrade
  • Migration
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Corporate & End User Training.

There is a good remark on the hard work through the valuable advice and comments and the software system that ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS work with. The financial management towards the e-commerce system, supply chain management that handles and analyses the integrated solution can improve and gain the exact timely business vision.

Microsoft Dynamic GP:

The entire enterprise resource planning solution for a common or a medium sized businesses, Dynamic GP could help you gain a huge control over the finances and inventory and operational part. It is easy to implement and use and even empower the proclaimed decisions that leads the business to success.

 Motivate and Act Swift:

In a perspective of small business accounting software, Dynamic GP is an ERP solution for minor business that improves or makes it easy to initialize with the common requirement at present and then proceeds adapting as need initiates. There is flexibility and configuration and design to grow with.

Importance of Dynamic GP:

  • Profound Business Solution
  • Easy to Use and Simple To Learn
  • Adaptable for now and tomorrow
  • Part custom fitted
  • Intense Business Intelligence
  • Desktop and Web empowered organization.

ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS concentrates on customer relationship management. Where it has proven its best part whether the organization’s sales, marketing and service departments. You could also approach to know more on services which we provide.

Employee Self Service (ESS) framework

Does Your Company Need an Employee Self Service (ESS) framework?

A considerable lot of the HRIS applications available today offer Internet-based ESS alternatives. Be that as it may, do you require one, and how might they be useful? is now ready to provide you an answer on how to handle with HRMS along with ES Service.

Regular Employee Self Service Features:

Worker Self Service (ESS) applications have picked up in ubiquity in the course of the most recent quite a long while. More or less, these HR applications are Internet-based items that enable workers to see as well as alter data identified with their HR representative document. Representatives might have the capacity to refresh their crisis contact data and individual contact data, or even change their address when fundamental.

Some of the self-benefit applications likewise incorporate Benefits Open Enrolment. Representatives frequently like this plan since they’re responsible for their own information and Human Resources (HR) experts like it since it eliminates their information workload.

Another, frequently unmentioned, advantage of ESS is administrator self-benefit. In a significant number of these applications, directors and managers can see information on both immediate and backhanded reports. So as opposed to contacting HR they can essentially look into online the information they require around a worker. The advantages of an ESS program can be colossal – yet not to each sort of association.


How Technical Are Your Employees?

By and by, this is a call you have to make before putting resources into a HRIS application with an ESS item. In the event that a large portion of your workers are not exceptionally specialized, they might be hesitant to utilize the item or your HR staff may need to answer such a variety of inquiries that the framework doesn’t really wind up sparing time and exertion.

Supervisor Self Service:

A portion of the applications recorded on value the self-benefit items per client. Notwithstanding the specialized capacities of the representatives, it might be a smart thought to set up an item for chiefs, supervisors, and official staff.

Not only knowing on how to operate HRMS service with the efficient ESS services but also to adapt the best Human Resource Management System Services at Malaysia you can now visit