SharePoint Migration Influencing your Organization

SharePoint Migration delivers a chance to reframe your content to handle a better management and discoverability. There is always burden to implement migrations swiftly which risks potential feature and configuration discomfort between the source and the destination system.

Overview on Current Scenario:

SharePoint Migration need to measure the travel distance between today’s existence and the next migration in accordance with SharePoint. These discourses and revelation will allow the group to implement proposals for authorizing, equipping and data engineering.

ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS could help to review the substance and sketch what ought to relocate the abandoned. Recollect that you have received in return what to put up, without convincing the motivation to do excellent work on the substance that is no longer passing on a stimulus to your affiliation.

Execution of Migration Plan:

Once after analysis of the entire organization and now proceed with master planning, testing and redemption of SharePoint Migration Project plan. This should be able to make changes to the organization before the really troublesome work begins.

After the association is very much aware that a major changes is travelled the direction and relocation windows is towards us. With some of the basic activity in progress, correspondence is made the basic need to achievement.

Thoughts over SharePoint Migration:

With a chance that one could settle about the SharePoint Migration, some unique thought should be made. In order to initialize, understand the exchange off and detention of the structure is important to maintain the strategic distance from the “Consumers regret”. Secondary point is that one need to consider before any customizations made to the current premises.

 Why is it necessary for a SharePoint Migration?

  • There are different necessity to consider before moving in to an up to date form of SharePoint.
  • The client could clash with few elements that accompany for an update.
  • Current form could drop out of Microsoft’s Support cycle.
  • Maybe you’ve acquired an association or been obtained and now it’s an incredible chance to join the two conditions.
  • Your current condition may have been set up as a proof of thought, and you have to migrate to a certified creation condition.

With all of these strategies and analysis over SharePoint migration for your organization, you could proceed with the process of migration. For more analysis and strategic verification over the migration process you could visit A better understanding and analysis could be observed on the website.

Customer Relationship Management with ISCISTECH:

Microsoft Dynamic CRM, the important business apparatus that influence the customer relationship to the next level despite of information oriented organization’s sales, marketing and service departments.

The implementation of Microsoft Dynamic CRM, the organization pulls out the exact conclusion in admiring the new views on drawing the new perspective with the Dynamic marketing operations. Improving sales on focusing the right opportunity along with the services that fulfills the client requirements.

The following services are rendered at ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLTUIONS:

  • Installation & Configuration
  • Deployment & Implementation
  • Customization
  • Upgrade
  • Migration
  • Support & Maintenance
  • Corporate & End User Training.

There is a good remark on the hard work through the valuable advice and comments and the software system that ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS work with. The financial management towards the e-commerce system, supply chain management that handles and analyses the integrated solution can improve and gain the exact timely business vision.

Microsoft Dynamic GP:

The entire enterprise resource planning solution for a common or a medium sized businesses, Dynamic GP could help you gain a huge control over the finances and inventory and operational part. It is easy to implement and use and even empower the proclaimed decisions that leads the business to success.

 Motivate and Act Swift:

In a perspective of small business accounting software, Dynamic GP is an ERP solution for minor business that improves or makes it easy to initialize with the common requirement at present and then proceeds adapting as need initiates. There is flexibility and configuration and design to grow with.

Importance of Dynamic GP:

  • Profound Business Solution
  • Easy to Use and Simple To Learn
  • Adaptable for now and tomorrow
  • Part custom fitted
  • Intense Business Intelligence
  • Desktop and Web empowered organization.

ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS concentrates on customer relationship management. Where it has proven its best part whether the organization’s sales, marketing and service departments. You could also approach to know more on services which we provide.

Employee Self Service (ESS) framework

Does Your Company Need an Employee Self Service (ESS) framework?

A considerable lot of the HRIS applications available today offer Internet-based ESS alternatives. Be that as it may, do you require one, and how might they be useful? is now ready to provide you an answer on how to handle with HRMS along with ES Service.

Regular Employee Self Service Features:

Worker Self Service (ESS) applications have picked up in ubiquity in the course of the most recent quite a long while. More or less, these HR applications are Internet-based items that enable workers to see as well as alter data identified with their HR representative document. Representatives might have the capacity to refresh their crisis contact data and individual contact data, or even change their address when fundamental.

Some of the self-benefit applications likewise incorporate Benefits Open Enrolment. Representatives frequently like this plan since they’re responsible for their own information and Human Resources (HR) experts like it since it eliminates their information workload.

Another, frequently unmentioned, advantage of ESS is administrator self-benefit. In a significant number of these applications, directors and managers can see information on both immediate and backhanded reports. So as opposed to contacting HR they can essentially look into online the information they require around a worker. The advantages of an ESS program can be colossal – yet not to each sort of association.


How Technical Are Your Employees?

By and by, this is a call you have to make before putting resources into a HRIS application with an ESS item. In the event that a large portion of your workers are not exceptionally specialized, they might be hesitant to utilize the item or your HR staff may need to answer such a variety of inquiries that the framework doesn’t really wind up sparing time and exertion.

Supervisor Self Service:

A portion of the applications recorded on value the self-benefit items per client. Notwithstanding the specialized capacities of the representatives, it might be a smart thought to set up an item for chiefs, supervisors, and official staff.

Not only knowing on how to operate HRMS service with the efficient ESS services but also to adapt the best Human Resource Management System Services at Malaysia you can now visit


Human Resource Consultancy and Management Services:

HR counselling administrations help driving associations around the globe stand up to complex business challenges head-on. Our specialists at best HRMS Services at Malaysia give answers for associations in:

Wellbeing and Benefits

We help medical advantage arrange supports better oversee spend, keep up the uprightness of their centre offerings, address the issues of their fluctuated worker populaces and deal with the arrangement’s effect on business execution and money related outcomes.


Worldwide Benefits

With the biggest, entirely claimed system of overall workplaces, we arrange and convey really worldwide advantage bundles that drive concentrated advantages effectiveness and locally deal with the crucial strategic issues that affect territorial advantage plan.


Our retirement specialists and statisticians adjust the potential and dangers of retirement advantage programs; oversee unfriendly results through budgetary, guardian, and operational hazard administration; and better empower businesses to help their workforce plan for retirement.

Venture Consulting

We offer venture guidance to deal with the cost, hazard, administration, and guardian operations of qualified retirement programs on a counselling, optional or progressing administration premise.


We help customers adjust representative and shareholder premiums, accomplish business targets, and draw in and hold key workers utilizing market pay and official reward systems.

Ability and Organization

We offer ability arrangements that help you deal with the enrolment, choice, engagement and capability of basic ability, administrators and cutting edge pioneers while limiting the maintenance and consistence danger of a worldwide workforce.


We utilize a demonstrated key arranging procedure and honour winning correspondence configuration to draw in, instruct and engage focused on gatherings of people to take the activities and change the practices that will profit them as people and enhance authoritative efficiency.

Mergers and Acquisitions Solutions

 Our specialists at direct organizations experiencing a corporate move to successfully survey and structure authority groups, address hierarchical and workforce adequacy and advance human asset program move, viability and effect.

Efficient HRMS Services in Malaysia with HR2eazy

Talents are the important strategy that every Management looks for. It is as important to make sure that a continuous stream of talent is organized specially for key positions. At our HRMS services we concentrate on identifying in meeting the exclusive talent management Program.

Now Hook your business at the peak:

Drive your business at a peak, satisfy your employee in all means. Benefit your employee with the best of service that it makes the management and the employee to become simple, Transparent and interactive. Thus this could be achieved through identifying and hiring the abrupt talent.

Get the best of talent to work for you:

HR2eazy is highly concerned in providing employees with administrative goals and tracking relevant happenings or that which indicates the performance of the employee.

User Administrations:

HRMS at HR2eazy in Malaysia is emergent in providing its service users to manage all its employee details in a configured system with uploaded documents and details of the personal history of the employee.

Getting Mastered Configuration:

HR2eazy’s configuration is featured in mastering the settings with additional fields and subfields that the integration with HRMS Modules of HR2eazy.

Work Evaluation and Market Positioning:

We attempt work investigation that leads toward occupation assessment and in this way into employment reviewing and in addition connecting it to market situating. Utilizing work point network and overview information, work sizes and worth are resolved in light of employment substance and its unpredictability. This approach helps association decides its remuneration arrangement and in adjusting its interior and outside value. In undertaking the assessment components relating the accompanying measurements are connected.

In conveying market situating investigation, associations can evaluate their present compensation percentile in connection to advertise mirror their ability of pulling in and holding ability. Additionally it empowers associations to decide at what level of the market they need to pitch via their moderateness.

Getting Your HRMS Services Instantaneously

Get assured for easy management over employee’s data and processes. Manage all of the employee details with the payroll system with just one tool. Yes, HR2eazy is integrated with HRMS and Payroll System that can manage all of the services at the same time. This system of services can handle the entire business.

HR2eazy can merge businesses and combine a set of required HRMS functionalities that is essential for Human Resource functions. It makes sure that Human Resource Processes are administrative and easy to access. A solitary, lively, steadfast system common for all organizations. Though Organization might have formalized, evaluated and processed payroll system, HR2eazy is also capable of performing the same way. As HR2eazy is capable of tracking employees information which includes the history, skills, and abilities along with their accomplishments and salary details.

This can reduce workload which turns out to be automated along with specialized features for Human Resource activities.

Outline on HR2eazy Services:

  • User Profiles
  • Leave Management
  • Attendance Management
  • KPI
  • Recruitments
  • Employee Self Service Portal
  • Management Dashboard
  • Comprehensive Payroll System
  • Petty Cash Management
  • KWSP/LHDN/SOCSO Forms & Submission
  • Comprehensive Reporting
  • Instant Mobile App (Android / iOS)
  • Kiosk – To verify Status of Employees

Making It Simpler:

Now get smarter than before, take your employee to a word class experience and make them access their own payroll system through their smartphones. Now, HR2eazy is available in mobile applications. At the same time, it becomes a better experience to manage their employees through the mobile app that an employee can interact with their superior or the management and make sure that the processes are executed properly from anywhere.

HR2eazy Mobile App Offers the Following:

  • Apply Permission
  • Apply Extra Time / Overtime
  • Apply Leave
  • Apply for Cancel Leave
  • Apply Claims
  • Apply Time Sheet
  • Download & View Payslip
  • View Public Holidays
  • View Company Events
  • View Transactions
  • Perform Approval

Kiosk – To verify Status of Employees:

An interactive Device which provides instant access to solve employee issues with self-service tools. HRMS kiosk provides information on vacation days, sick leave and Pension information.

  • Login
  • My Dashboard
  • My leave
  • Apply Leave
  • Cancel leave
  • Permission
  • My Timesheet
  • Public holidays
  • My Pay Slips
  • Company Events
  • My Transactions
  • Claims
  • My Profile
  • My Documents
  • About
  • Help
  • Logout


ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS, The global Information Technology Service provider delivering a strategical Solutions for client queries and offers a quality service in cost effective manner with time confinement. The organization is expert in meeting the demands of the customers through best-qualified professionals. They do counsel, integrate and outsource to their clients.

The service is provided since 2004 with its headquarters in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Also, its research and development center launched in India. ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS highly concentrate on,

  • SharePoint Sales
  • SharePoint Installation
  • SharePoint Branding
  • SharePoint Consulting
  • SharePoint Custom Solutions
  • SharePoint Data
  • SharePoint Support and Maintenance.


ISCISTECH BUSINESS SOLUTIONS has the best of service and has good experience in SharePoint services since 2006 in SharePoint 2003, SharePoint 2007, SharePoint 2010, and SharePoint 2013. Microsoft Certified Silver Partner, providing remote service with 24/7 technical and customer support.

A set of qualified and experienced team handles with any of the customer’s requirements with updated infrastructure and licenses. The company owns a systematic and transparent project management through Project Management Portal and Defect Management System. It is ensured that a warranty and maintenance support takes over in the case of any unsatisfactory performance of the software nor the system and make sure that the required repair is carried out and the issue is replaced.

ISCISTECH Support Services:

A Complete support and maintenance for all systems implemented by the team. The executive support services include,

  • Technical Help-Desk
  • Call Center Help- Desk
  • On-Site Support
  • Maintenance and Health Check.

Support Functionalities Include,

  • Hardware acquisition and integration
  • Networking Switching and Routing
  • Server Admin
  • Server OS Deployment
  • Security Admin Active Directory
  • DBA Admin.

With all of these services, the firm tries to implement as well as deliver the best service to its clients and at the same time, they are indeed working to keep the services up to date providing regular updates on services and software that is used.

Dynamic Services

Working with CRM Dynamic Services on Microsoft SharePoint Platform:

The Customer relationship management is to handle with the company management and potential future customers. The process of CRM involves with analysis of customer history, improving business relationship with the customer and focus on developing sales growth. Now let us have a look at the requirements and how to work with CRM.

Operating System on which it supports:

Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP

Update on Microsoft Dynamics CRM:

The self-healing setup that ensures you with the updated version of your setup. You can make use of the feature to setup and update your program. Before Proceeding make sure with the following,

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM Server
  • Microsoft Dynamics Reporting Extension
  • Microsoft Dynamics Report Authoring Extension
  • Microsoft Dynamic Email Router

You can retrieve your updates for your service from Get Updates for Microsoft Dynamic CRM. Your update will have the recently updated package on your setup.

Requirements for Update:

Before you could proceed with the update you require some important components, like Microsoft .NET Framework. You can refer the Microsoft KB article to know more on the requirements for an update. That could help you further before you update your Dynamic CRM.

Know Dynamic 365?

Dynamic 365 merge CRM and the ERP capable into application that works spontaneously together in sales, customer service, field service, operations, financials and project service automation. It is not necessarily you should work with all of these and get all of the services. You can make use of any of these according to your company requirement.

To get relevant updates on current editions you need to download the service pack for Microsoft Dynamic 365. You can preferably make use of the Dynamics 365 service to know what’s new with Microsoft Dynamic CRM. It is expected to have an update on CRM services this year which could probably lead and satisfy customer relationships.

SharePoint Services

Now Get Updated With Projects Online And Work Up To 30,000 Projects:

The additional features which were introduced in the last six months were to meet the customer’s imperative needs. To your notice, the number of projects that can be handled after the update is increased to 30000. Which is really interesting. This is possible with Project online, which is a Microsoft Project and Portfolio Management Solution.

Handle Extra Projects, Get Them Accomplished:

What if your project handling capacity has increased six-folds? Initially, it was provided with only 5000 projects. This increase in the number of projects can be managed on a cloud. As users demanded on a large scale through project online, it was improved as per the demand and the improvement would have highly benefited without even disturbing the normal workarounds.

The updates so far have really improved the performances and help in retrieving project reports faster than before. This capacity has made to create more project sites which are also called the collaboration of sites. The project sites were around 2000, and to improve them you had to split them through Project Web App. This affects the productivity or the results. On the other hand User Sync and SharePoint Services can be supported only when the project site is in the same site like the PWA site.

Get Faster Approach On Project Data Center:

The More Project the more spent on data. The often hit to the Project center is calculated for total information like the overall cost of all projects. This slows down the time to revert the page. Hence, custom filtering feature was introduced to filter and to help you quickly to drag information at the right time.

Later the OData was released for enhancing performances and to reduce the transmission time to access reports. This would be helpful by using the SQL Server Integration Services to transfer data to the warehouse. You can download the data and update regularly by changing the records.

The Project team is completely focused on improving the services with innovation and user requirements. To know more about the services you can visit